FreshDownload 8.79

Fresh Download is download manager that turbo charges downloading process

If you want to have no problems when downloading files from the Internet, this program is really for you. It is freeware. It does not have any banners, any adds or any spyware.
FreshDownload supports Internet Explorer (4.0 or later), Netscape (4.x and 6.x), and Opera (5.x and later). It is very easy-to-use. In the version 8.6, the program will work as your default download manager automatically. To start it, you should click on the links you need only.

There is a sheduling option which allows you to download your data later. But to use it, you have to stay connected to the Internet. You can also set the program to have the highest possible speed and increase the number of downloaded files up to 8 connection at the same time.

Other good features of FreshDownload are the antivirus support and ability to download files from password supported web sites.

To add a download item into the list, just copy an URL with a file with extensions such as ZIP, EXE, MP3, etc. from your browser.

The other way to add a download item into the list is using the Drag & Drop feature.

All of the program menus, buttons and dialog boxes are very handy and will lead you to the best downloading result.

Vladislava Kokurkina
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  • Works very fast and easily


  • Requires a registration code to be obtained
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